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by Cymre on Oct 17, 2011 at 12:19 PM
Having a break from WOW is something I recommend to everyone at some time of their lives. Esp. when you've been playing since vanilla. I can honestly say that the breaks I have taken for extended periods of time had mainly been due to holidays away or feeling burnt out/bored with the game.

Most recently you will know that Coolidge and I spent some time off and his most common response after talking about the game was "it was so peaceful for those 10 days." Now granted a lot of you only play your alts in this Guild and most of you have killed the end boss in Firelands thus far. That's great news and a small part of me wishes I could have been there to experience it with you, but pls keep in mind that this is the main Guild for a lot of us so when it comes to our weekend raids it's still important that we can maintain progression and if we have a new kill one week, we expect to not go backwards in progression the following weeks.

I also realise that we all have RL issues and of course RL comes before game. However, pls let us know ASAP if you know you won't be able to make the raid - or at the very least be late (leave early). Some of you are vigilant at doing this from using the Shoutbox, sms'ing or letting Cool +/or I know beforehand. So thx for that!

Just keep in mind that to have a cohesive environment for raiding and Guild camaraderie; good communication is in order as well as a somewhat serious attitude when it comes to raid progression. While it may be nice to top the meters during a boss fight, if the end result doesn't see the boss killed then there's something wrong here.
by Coolidge on Jul 31, 2011 at 01:01 PM
So been having a rough and tough long summer. Bit of RL and game drama but whats life without some drama? Now back in Mischiefus BUT on Dath'Remar with Cymre. Hopefully, will be able to start up with a good group of new friends and maybe some old ones to tear apart all of Firelands. Really looking forward to how it will come out.

Down side to all of this. I must get back into doing bits of research here and there to make life easier on the raiding front. Should not be too bad but some people know I am a pretty lazy fella if I can be. =P
by Cymre on May 12, 2011 at 12:01 PM
So looking at my past journal entries I realised that I created the Guild site about 2 weeks prior to the Guild being created in-game. Do you think that's strange?

I must admit I did miss the creative outlet for me to do my news feed and place to edit game pics whether it was for the Homepage or Rares collection. If you look the quality of the rares images you can see there's a pretty vast difference in the size of the images, the sharpness of the screenshots (I've upgraded my computer 3 times since I started playing) & how our gear has changed since Vanilla.

I still have some all-time favourite shots. The two that come to mind are the one of Huga and Tals in our almost full dungeon sets (less chest for me; hence the tabard) and the rare shot that started it all - my rare collection (Rak'shiri in hibernation).

by Cymre on May 02, 2011 at 11:50 AM
What can I saw other than an awesome effort from all involved last night. Not only did we one-shot the guy but we did it with almost no casualties - well, less Melf who died to get free mana in the last bit :P

I must say though that Wired is much easier to heal than Thraso and we did have more than one interrupter. It also seemed like I didn't have to dispel the CC's as often and we didn't get so unlucky with the worships on healers as much which seemed to help. Also slows on the adds seem to work a treat as we didn't have any adds reaching us at the boss.

So well done Coolidge and Hwired tanking, with myself, Melfina and Biship healing (whooshie, whooshie - 3 priests no less) and our on the ball DPS - Aza, Moopie, Epi, Xyn & Shaba.

Oh and all the mendings bouncing around at the end was extra sexy. All 3 healers ended the fight with empty tanks too. The most ironic thing though was that Moo managed to get his 2nd tier for his OFF-SPEC when no-one else in the group could even use the token!!

Well done all!
by Coolidge on Oct 18, 2010 at 01:10 PM
Well the shaman was a flop. Turned out he is just going to make my potions for me...

So, 4.0 came and with it LOVING the new paladin abilities and tank rotations. It has turned out the way I wanted and with the masses of QQs all over the paladin forum and from some paladins I talk to the turn of making this class ones again a minority is looking good. Thank you Blizz for making the good palyers shine and the "not so good" ones qq and reroll off my class. :P

Around a month from Cata coming out and with the new stuff coming with is just getting more and more exciting. New zones to quest with the lovely Cymre is going to be the most fun of all I would say.
by Coolidge on May 05, 2010 at 03:44 AM
With the way things are looking out at the moment for paladins I really hope that the coming expansion pushes some fail prot pallies out of the mix of things. At the moment there is just way to many paladins playing the game and it quiet bugs me to say it just does not make me feel at all unique like I once was in vanilla and in BC WoW.

Making myself a shaman at this time. Very much enjoying it and hopefully if Cym does not bolt ahead of me with her mage be able to play in par with her at some point. Hopefully as well if she would change that mage over to a orc when the expansion comes would be great as well. Loving the class, lovely the free-time on the new server, and loving the new people I can do things with, without them knowing and/or judging.
by Cymre on Apr 28, 2010 at 10:42 AM
Some of you may have wondered about the sudden departure from Khadgar recently. I will admit the transfer happened kind of suddenly but first let me say this. I have been on Khadgar since vanilla and have stayed on this server for one main reason. He knows who he is... Khadgar is a server suited to people who live on the east coast of the States which means that for the majority of the time I am left to my own devices for something to do - especially my evenings which would be past midnight for most of you guys.

Over the last 6 months this entailed levelling up 2 more 80 toons. In terms of raids, we only raided on my Sat/Sun during the day and your Fri/Sat nights. If one day didn't happen some seemed resentful and depressed. Some people also don't seem to realise that Coolidge and like to raid together. If he is not there, I choose not to raid. A couple of years ago a lot of my friends who I used to play with moved servers and was something I had contemplated doing for a long time. Not too seriously though as there were certain reasons and people that kept me here.

On that last day however, I was told that my main reason for staying on Khadgar was going to change servers that night so we made a move to an Oceanic server; one that matched my time zone. This meant no more getting up at 4 or 6am just to do the fishing comp /joy! I'm still getting used to the idiosyncrasies of the server though, some are fairly similar to Khadgar and others are a nice change, such as relating to what people as talking about in chat now. Anzac Day being a recent subject.

To the members that were left behind I still regret the way things played out at the end. I'm sure you'll all find nice homes and I hope Rak and Tikk's wedding was all they dreamed it could be. Wishing you both a long and happy marriage with good health. I also wish Happy a speedy recovery and for his son too. Some of these things and personalities I will miss.