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Tank and Spank

by Coolidge on May 05, 2010 at 03:44 AM}
With the way things are looking out at the moment for paladins I really hope that the coming expansion pushes some fail prot pallies out of the mix of things. At the moment there is just way to many paladins playing the game and it quiet bugs me to say it just does not make me feel at all unique like I once was in vanilla and in BC WoW.

Making myself a shaman at this time. Very much enjoying it and hopefully if Cym does not bolt ahead of me with her mage be able to play in par with her at some point. Hopefully as well if she would change that mage over to a orc when the expansion comes would be great as well. Loving the class, lovely the free-time on the new server, and loving the new people I can do things with, without them knowing and/or judging.

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Bolt ahead of you? Don't know what you're talking about... I just love working on my professions though so that has a bit to do with it. I also love exploring new areas and I remember you saying that you wanted to do the same when cataclysm happens :)

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