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4.0 Paladins and the QQ'ers

by Coolidge on Oct 18, 2010 at 01:10 PM}
Well the shaman was a flop. Turned out he is just going to make my potions for me...

So, 4.0 came and with it LOVING the new paladin abilities and tank rotations. It has turned out the way I wanted and with the masses of QQs all over the paladin forum and from some paladins I talk to the turn of making this class ones again a minority is looking good. Thank you Blizz for making the good palyers shine and the "not so good" ones qq and reroll off my class. :P

Around a month from Cata coming out and with the new stuff coming with is just getting more and more exciting. New zones to quest with the lovely Cymre is going to be the most fun of all I would say.


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