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One-shot Chogall

by Cymre on May 02, 2011 at 11:50 AM}
What can I saw other than an awesome effort from all involved last night. Not only did we one-shot the guy but we did it with almost no casualties - well, less Melf who died to get free mana in the last bit :P

I must say though that Wired is much easier to heal than Thraso and we did have more than one interrupter. It also seemed like I didn't have to dispel the CC's as often and we didn't get so unlucky with the worships on healers as much which seemed to help. Also slows on the adds seem to work a treat as we didn't have any adds reaching us at the boss.

So well done Coolidge and Hwired tanking, with myself, Melfina and Biship healing (whooshie, whooshie - 3 priests no less) and our on the ball DPS - Aza, Moopie, Epi, Xyn & Shaba.

Oh and all the mendings bouncing around at the end was extra sexy. All 3 healers ended the fight with empty tanks too. The most ironic thing though was that Moo managed to get his 2nd tier for his OFF-SPEC when no-one else in the group could even use the token!!

Well done all!

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ya if only that last bit was video, slow motion of those 3 mendings boucing EVERYWHERE!

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