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Website vs Guild

by Cymre on May 12, 2011 at 12:01 PM}
So looking at my past journal entries I realised that I created the Guild site about 2 weeks prior to the Guild being created in-game. Do you think that's strange?

I must admit I did miss the creative outlet for me to do my news feed and place to edit game pics whether it was for the Homepage or Rares collection. If you look the quality of the rares images you can see there's a pretty vast difference in the size of the images, the sharpness of the screenshots (I've upgraded my computer 3 times since I started playing) & how our gear has changed since Vanilla.

I still have some all-time favourite shots. The two that come to mind are the one of Huga and Tals in our almost full dungeon sets (less chest for me; hence the tabard) and the rare shot that started it all - my rare collection (Rak'shiri in hibernation).


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ass scratch ftw.

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