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Cymre / Jan 22, 2012
This week turned out to be a pretty good progression week.

We took the challenge I set for everyone last Sunday and ran with it. Get to Spine on less attempts and we did. We pretty much breezed through the first half of the raid although we did seem to be more melee heavy than usual. On Saturday we worked our way to Spine set on getting him down today. It only took two attempts before we were ready to try Madness again; only our second kill for the Guild.

Attempts on Madness on our first real day and we managed to get him to 19%. That's one claw short of getting him to easy mode for the head. We worked on a couple of well tried strategies trying to see what worked best for us. In the end we three healed it with a different order on the pillars. Now if we can manage to pump out some more damage and amp up our heals at the right times then I know we'll have it in the bag.

Here's to next week, which will be our last weekend before the incoming nerfs. Time will tell how well we do and maybe even have a video to show for it.

On a personal note I had a bit of a funny week dying to some silly things on Saturday. Sadly today was no different as I forgot to set master loot status for Spine and then realised that I didn't have WoL running. Maybe I just need a holiday =/

On a positive note though we have Az trying out his recording and editing skills at some raid videos but from what he tells me he stuffed a few of the fights up. Never-the-less it will be nice to see the fights from another perspective and hopefully get some nice kill shots in the process. Check out the video above to see our Blackhorn kill.
Cymre / Jan 15, 2012

In our first full weekend back after the Christmas / New Year Break, we had a very eventful day clearing up past Ultraxion, a personal best. This allowed a few attempts at Warmaster Blackhorn before calling it a day. Sometime during the raid, we managed to get our fourteenth Guild Perk: Working Overtime.

Today we only needed a couple of attempts at Gunship before getting our first kill for Blackhorn. Our main issues were soaking up enough of the damage with the void zones and killing the Slayers. Once that was under control, we finally managed to get our sixth boss down in Dragon Soul.

Having one hour left on the clock, we gave a few solid attempts on Spine before going from three heals to two before finally trying to single tank with Coolidge and our three healers again. This turned out to be the winning formula as we achieved our SECOND first kill for the Guild, making us 7/8 in Dragon Soul.

The day ended with one attempt at Madness, giving everyone a feel for the fight.

Well done Msfus'ers. Let do it again next week. Only I challenge us to do it with even less attempts :)
Cymre / Dec 17, 2011

It's only been our second day on the sixth boss in Dragon Soul. Last week we almost had him at ~6% but with a slightly different make up this week, we mixed it up a little. With our Druid taking red, our Shaman taking green and myself (Disc) taking the blue crystal we got him to 0.6% before we wiped. A great effort for a first attempt. So with another go we were determined to get it and we were right. A few made a conscious effort to improve their gear this week and hence their output which showed today with our new kill. Great job all.

So with about an hour left of raid time we moved onto Warmaster Blackhorn getting a few attempts in on him until we called it a day.

Cymre / Dec 12, 2011
The main highlight for this week would have to be Jabs getting the next bit of his legendary questline done. Points to Exhibit A and B - Fear and Vengeance. Nice job!

In other news, due to some connection and latency issues giving us some problems on Ultraxion, we headed over to Bastion of Twilight to finish off the Raid requirement for Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. Two down and one to go before the Guild gets it's nice little reward. At the same time we managed to get Elementary.

With one more week of raiding to go before the end of the year, the pressure will be on to see how far we can push into DS next week.
Cymre / Dec 04, 2011

Unlike most Guilds who have ventured into Dragon Soul by now, today was our first official day inside the new Raid; although quite a few of us had tried the LFR just to see what the fuss was about. Granted this form of raiding was a lot easier than the normal versions but it was nice to actually see the fights first hand.

Having planned only three hours in the place this week we had high hopes of getting the first four bosses down. Having one-shot Morchok, we moved onto Warlord Zon'ozz who proved to be a little problematic at first. After we decided which healer would be in melee and switched dispel assignments, it wasn't long after that Zon'ozz was down for the count as well.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping didn't pose much of a problem as we all managed to focus fire on the oozes. Not surprisingly, the healers joined in the DPS race as well... you don't need to twist my arm to DPS, really. Plus with the additional DPS of one melee on the boss for the duration we had a fun time chasing down the mana voids.

I'd say the hardest thing about Hagara the Stormbinder was losing one or two people in the ice phase or losing one to the ice tombs. Once that had been sorted we managed to add our forth kill to the day. Just in time too as we had about five minutes left of raid time.

Grats also to Jabs who is well on his way to getting his legendary daggers after successfully pick pocketing the ring from Hagara.
Cymre / Nov 29, 2011

Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight features something for everyone. From a new raid to unexplored dungeons to the latest story developments to shake the world of Azeroth, this content update introduces a new tier of armor sets, the legendary “Fangs of the Father” rogue quest line, Transmogrification for cosmetic armor and weapon customization, Void Storage as a handy long-term storage option, Raid Finder to make forming pick-up raids easier than ever, and much more.

So what are you forward to most and what will you be doing first when you log back into 4.3?
Cymre / Nov 28, 2011

Does our latest Guild achievement say how far we've come in three months or just that we need to repair a lot? Honestly, I think it's a bit of both but if you look at what's been happening this week it's been a little quiet.

With 4.3 just around the corner, we have our only legendary staff recipient - Evil, just shy a couple hundred of the Seething Cinders to complete his Time Grows Short step for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

One person so far has managed to get exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal, two more that I know of are very close though. A later boss or two should do it.
Cymre / Nov 21, 2011

We're pretty much two healing all fights now except for H Shannox and going btwn two or three heals depending on which strategy and group make-up we have. It may have taken us 35 pulls on Heroic mode but with our two-heal strategy we finally achieved the second Heroic Kill for the Guild.

If you've read our Guild news lately you'd be aware of the problems affecting our progression of late. Some of those have been fixed with a few lingering issues. Although that will change in time too.

Over the last few weekends working on this boss, we've been getting very close to getting him down in the past and as usual it was just a matter of perfecting and executing our own game plan.

Killing Ragnaros was a given although the kill today was very hectic. Particularly in the last few seconds; Az and I ended up dying from impact on two incoming meteors, partially because we had nowhere to go. It was probably 40% Cornered / 60% Suicidal. As luck would have it, Rag met his fate a few seconds later. What fortuitous timing, if I do say so myself.

With thirty minutes left on the clock we ventured into Bastion of Twilight to see what we could accomplish, clearing the first boss and getting The Only Escape.

On a side note, we also managed to get the 12th Guild Perk: Mr. Popularity (Rank 2) yesterday and today marked the first day to collect your Celebration Package for WoW's 7th Anniversary.