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13 Mar, 2012

*** We generally like to try people out before they are invited to run with us. If you have not been activated, look at your gear and raid experience. Guild Hoppers will also be frowned upon.

We use Deadly Boss Mods and Mumble for all our raids. More info...

Be proactive and work on your gear during the week. This helps the whole group in the long run. Don't count on just gearing up on raid loot as the daily dungeon system makes it easier to get your points for the week. Remember, gear doesn't make the player, skill does.

At this stage, we would expect you to have an ilvl of 375 as seen from Zandoms, Firelands Dailies, token gear/made gear & FL gear. i.e. gear up to the best of your ability outside of raid gear.

Be Prepared
Make sure you are fully repaired and have all your reagents/supplies before you turn up at the raid location.

If Herbalism is one your professions, it would be worth farming mats before the raid to help out with flask distribution. Alternatively, fish for the feasts.

Be Punctual
Generally invites go out 15min before raid time. Once invites are complete and/or our group is full we can start earlier than the scheduled time. However, if you know you are going to be late, or will not be able to attend, it would be appreciated if you could let the Raid Leaders (myself or Coolidge) know as soon as you can; otherwise just send us a PM from the 'Messages' section of the website. The same applies if you need to leave early. If you take an extended break, or have DC issues pls be aware that you may be replaced.

Our members need to be able to adapt to different situations and learn from their mistakes. Wipes are bound to happen and should be expected; especially on progression attempts. Get back ASAP after a wipe. Expecting a rez each time won't be tolerated. All it does is waste time and hold up the whole group.

Loot System
We will only accept one raiding character. Pls do not expect to bring various characters just to get loot as this is unfair to others. If an alt is in the raid they will have the lowest priority for loot. Generally speaking, main specs get first priority > then alts > new members.

Tier Tokens
Tier Tokens will be rolled on just like other raid loot. Of course, MS will have priority over OS and will attempt to share the loot to help out the whole group. LFR will generally have second priority to maximise the 4-set bonus.

We will try to work with whatever spec you are. However, there may be certain situations where duel specs will be called into play. An example of this would be a healer speccing to DPS for a certain boss fight.

Group Make-Up
Additional sign-ups for the week will require balancing groups with certain classes/specs and player ability. Due to who we have available, it will be left to the raid leader's discretion to pick who would be more suited due to player skill and gear, esp. when it comes to new boss encounters and less chance for error. Progression being the goal here.

Raid Etiquette
If you need a buff/water/port/potions, etc. it is polite to ask the relevant person first by sending them a tell first or asking for the relevant buff in raid chat. Don't spam the chat with damage meters and loot. Keep raid chat to a minimum on boss fights.

Recipes & Passed on Loot
All recipes will automatically go to the primary Guild Enchanter, etc. The aim of this is to make sure that the recipe stays in Guild and is a long standing member and constant player. At the same time, any items not bid on will be DE'ed and held by the Guild DE'er as the mats accumulated from these runs will go towards enchants for our main raiders. BOE loot (if not used by a MS raider) will also be sold in the AH to help finance guild funds or may be sold to an OS member at a discounted value.

New Recruits
Please note that loot will generally not be accessible to new members due to their probationary status. However, if a MS raider does not need the item, we will consider offering the item then.